Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rebecca Catalanello and Steve Myers, May 9, 2009

Rebecca and Steve met more than a decade ago in the newsroom of the Charleston Daily Mail, a small newspaper in West Virginia's capital city. Both young, new reporters, they shared a cubicle wall. She liked his legs and his motorcycle; he liked her laugh and her kindness. After a year of working side by side, they started dating. A few weeks later, Steve moved away. And that began their long journey to be together -- and to be journalists together. Through the years, they have had their share of long-distance telephone calls, long drives and three-day vacations that began and ended with boarding a plane. They have hopscotched from one news town to another -- West Virginia to Raleigh to Mobile to Tampa -- trying to keep up with one another. They are thrilled to be sealing their futures together once and for all, in Rebecca's beloved home town, and at the beautiful Benachi House & Gardens.

Rebecca says of their engagement:

We were vacationing in New York when we decided at the last minute to share a picnic in Central Park while the New York Philharmonic played on the Great Lawn. After the Philharmonic finished its last piece -- Purple Haze -- fireworks erupted behind us. As we were watching, I felt Steve slip something on my finger. When I turned to him, he asked me to marry him. We missed the rest of the fireworks.


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