Sunday, March 22, 2009

Janel Hoppes and Albert "Snapper" Poche, Wedding Ceremony and Reception, March 21, 2009

For Janel Hoppes and Snapper Poche, the first evening of Spring provided sunny skies and mild temperatures for the celebration of their marriage at BH&G. As the site for the ceremony, attended by 180 family and guests, the couple chose our Beaux Arts pavilion in the front garden, and accented it accented simply with bouquets of flowers. Chairs were arranged along the walkway to and on both sides of the pavilion. The setting proved both intimate and comfortable. Dr. Jerry K. Schwehm performed the ceremony, which was accompanied by music from Dr. Jazz, led by Russell Steel, M.D., on trumpet, trombone and tuba. The bridal party entered the ceremony setting from the house. After they exchanged their vows, Janel, Snapper and Dr. Jazz led a second line from the pavilion to the rear patio, where the reception got under way and conmtinued into the evening. Snapper's cousin, Mandi Chittenden, provided the coordination. Wendi Smith and Amber Morgan of Fleur de Lis Foods catered the event. Martin Harris Photography captured the scenes with detail and artistry. The flowers were provided by Diane Mouton of Fat Cat Flowers. Congratulations to Janel and Snapper!

See the entire BH&G album for Janel and Snapper:

And returning from their honeymoon, the bride said:
Thanks Jim for everything! I love all the pictures you took at the wedding and loved the fact that they were available to share so soon with others! I've passed them along to lots of folks already:)

Also, thanks for sending us back the deposit back so quickly - that was a nice treat to get yesterday when we returned from our honeymoon!

Thanks for everything - we had such a great time and are very, very happy with how everything turned out!


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